Comment: My wife and I have been oil pulling for a few weeks

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My wife and I have been oil pulling for a few weeks

after reading a LOT of reviews at . I OP at least once or twice a day with an arsenal of oils: sesame (my favorite), olive, sunflower, cod liver, and coconut. I was becoming concerned about my receding gums, and teeth that were beginning to feel loose, but the wakeup call for me was when I read about the correlation between oral health and heart health. If you have a plaque problem in your mouth, you most likely do in your arteries too.

My results:
From day one, tighter feeling teeth and wonderful sleep.
By the third day my gums were looking better and teeth were getting whiter.
On the seventh day my senses of smell, vision, hearing, touch and taste were extraordinary! (I had not been able to feel anything with my hands for a few years.) I'm not sure about the sense of touch, but I think the other senses improved due to my sinuses clearing up.

My wife only oil pulls once at night, and skips some nights. She does not snore after pulling, but does snore when she doesn't pull.

I started using Dr. Christophers Formulas Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder a few weeks ago also. I highly recommend it. It's on, so you can order it from DP and help Michael out a little. One drawback to it though: it stains your toothbrush (but tastes great and make your teeth feel so clean).

Hope this helps someone as much as it did me.

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