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From a purely physical

point of view, heart flutters can be caused by constipation in the transverse colon (upper horizontal section of colon). This area corresponds to the heart and lungs. Each area in the colon also corresponds to different parts of the spine. So, damage to the spine can cause problems in the colon and, conversely, blockages in the colon can cause spinal problems. Nutritional deficiencies can precipitate problems in one area or the other. I'm not saying this is the primary cause, but it could be a contributing factor. One test you could do is next time your heart flutters, feel the transverse colon just under your rib cage to see if it is hard, compacted or has a bulge in it. You will generally feel a larger bulge in that area maybe four hours after a meal when it is traveling through that particular part of the colon. You will also notice that if your heart is fluttering and you press the transverse area you will feel a direct affect on the heart. You may also notice that lung function is not optimal when the transverse colon is congested. Also, if you crunch over it will compact that area of the colon and you may feel it in the heart. Internal gas has the same effect. Symptoms will be aggravated when lying down as well.

- Short term fix is to have a series of colonics or high enemas to relieve the internal pressure.

- Probiotics like kombucha or kefir. (... but not too much so that it breaks stuff down too quickly and constipates you even more.)

- Drink a quart of warm water right when you wake up. (or over the first half hour.) then wait an hour (from when you first started drinking) before your eat so that your stomach is empty.

- eat grapefruit on an empty stomach

- eliminate grains and gluten

- eat less dense meals and chew thoroughly to a liquid.

- the standard answer dieticians give is to eat more fiber but that can contribute to blockages. You need a balance of the right type of fibers so that the body moves properly.

- don't eat heavy meals before going to sleep. Make it light but nourishing and let it digest before going to sleep.

Another problem that some people have is that the colon wall becomes stiff and doesn't stretch much when a meal passes through. This internal pressure can place strain on the heart and lungs as well. So you may not actually feel a big bulge but it will be hard and the internal pressure will still be there regardless. This can be addressed by nutrition, like probiotics and especially raw milk, kefir, and gelatinous soup stocks to rebuild the tissues of the colon and make them more flexible so internal pressure doesn't build up.

(The above info may not be the the main cause of your problems but you can experiment to see if it applies. A person can have normal bowel movements every day and still be constipated with blockages. There may also be functional or neurological causes which could make the heart flutter.)

Just a few thoughts... I can go into more specifics if needed.