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Don't think twice, its all right

That was one of his harsher blasts. They've softened it considerably.

Here's Dylan, with his knife:
"You just kind of wasted my precious time / but don't think twice its all right"

Here's these guys. Not Dylan's angry knife, they're selling the blues.
Don't think twice, its all right. Its all life. Breathe it in. Don't think twice."

Reminiscent of Dylan's "Its all over now, baby blue:" But this too is harsh, and ultimately devastatingly crushing. There is no sugar coating. Hits very close to home.

- - - -

Yes, I did notice that timing. Did you have fun in your waiting place? I remember that I did. I read the newspapers. I lounged around the house and cooked. I hung out at the Daily Paul. We connected on the direct line, waiting place to waiting place. It was simultaneously lonely, and comforting to have your company. I read the JD Salinger stories. They put me into a different place. I was transported, off planet Earth for that evening. Salinger figures big in my foundation. Some foundational fingers were being moved.

2013 was a very intense and strange year for me. Sold a house (got chased out by socialists after askirmish). Boston bombings. Vacation in Oxford. Ann Wigmore for health issue. Learn all about living foods and the role of diet and lifestyle in Cancer. Samantha's sister is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Go to Taiwan, and be able to communicate nothing. Get shut out. Watch her undergo chemo instead. It is unbearable to watch. But in the end, it is her life and her decision. Support her. She may not have much longer to live. But there are new treatments - "targeted therapy" that offers her hope.

Samantha knows more about it than me.

But I would love to see the list of my videos, with comments. That would be pretty interesting. A real catalogue of the year.

So you like that Dylan song. I remember I couldn't stop listening to it. I'd belt that song out around the house, taking a shower, and out on walks. Something about it so beautiful and free. So funny. So care free. So pure.

Never stop, jrd-bird, working towards your masterpiece.

He's the man.