Comment: My college lit paper was on reflections in the matrix

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My college lit paper was on reflections in the matrix

Very exciting topic and questions! I am biased, however, as I was a jr in high school when it came out, and I dove right in to the movie and the philosophy. Also, I have read the book chris cudnoski references, as it was free on amazon long ago. Then, in college, I took a Science Fiction course in literature on "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Bladerunner", and "The Matrix". (don't worry, I was bio-eng & molecular bio so I had to take some kind of fun class)

So I wrote a paper detailing and categorizing every reflection in every scene called, "The Recursivity of Reflections"...oh my...I just found it in my file cabinet. Every time there is a reflection in someone's glasses, a building or car window, a wine glass, a computer screen...all of them!

I have my 3 categories of reflections here and how they contribute, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Just enjoy the imagery of The Matrix and if you can, pay attention to the detailed reflections.

To answer Michael's question, I could not take the "blue pill" and go back. But I also have primarily awesome experiences and memories. Maybe if I didn't, I would make a different choice. But I am excited to apply what I have learned (that's life, right?). Some will choose the "red pill" and say no to the good fight. There could be many reasons so I try to understand.

It would be like unknowing about the DP. ahhh! Don't send me back!