Comment: Ummm...I'm pretty sure everyone has seen The Matrix Michael

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Ummm...I'm pretty sure everyone has seen The Matrix Michael

But if you insist....
Ok, here's the thing, next week some time I'm going to watch it, but I have waited this long in life because I am horrified of robots (I'm not even a fan of 'cute' robots such as Wall E) and machines that are smarter than humans, and technology, and well most things sci fi. Some people are afraid of heights, or ghosts, or the dark or whatever.

Technology and futuristic ideas of technology (ahem singularity theory, there is a reason you are having to wait so long to hear from me on all that....because it scares me) those are my fears. And I have always thought about that movie as dealing with futuristic ideas of technology.

That being said, I don't live under a rock (Ok, well I do a little, but it's my comfort zone. I like it. It's comfortable) and I get that this supposed to be all sorts of mind blowing, and what not.

Sci-fi.... talk about leaving comfort zones.

Oh, and you asked me in another thread if I remember the Y2K scare?

Remember it? Guess who was cheering it on over here? Watch it all crumble I thought to myself.

Down with internet. What will I ever need the internet for? I wondered to myself at such a young age.

What good could possibly come of the internet I always thought....

Ps. I am retracting my request for a comment retraction in another thread. Musta just hit a nerve or something :)