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You never saw

the Matrix???!!! Funny, but the only other person I know who never saw that movie was another sound junkie. Well, part-sound junkie, part- movie junkie. (She was especially into foreign films.) Not that it was for lack of trying! She remembered when it came out. An acquaintance was all excited to tell her about it. "I saw this great movie! And YOU are gonna love it! I though of you right away! It's about all the things you're always talking about!"

She ended up waiting until it came out on video, and it counts among the very few movies she actually turned off after a while and returned un-finished. There was something about it that rubbed her the wrong way. Really, she just couldn't relate. She did try a couple more times, also to no avail. One time when one of her sons watched it, she joined him. She ended up nodding in & out the whole time, if the kid was nice enough to see that she saw some scenes notable for special effects.

Btw, jrd3820, ever read Neil Postman? I know a few here at the DP know about him. I have a couple of his books, including this one. Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology

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