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Children of abusers,

Children of abusers, alcoholics and those who are abandoned are often permanently shaped by the experience. The comedian Kevin Pollack is making a movie about comedians and the common thread to so many of them is a traumatic childhood. I understand the same applies to so many actors. Formative childhood events provide the impetus and dissatisfaction that drives creative and performance/goal-oriented people.

This won't be a popular example, but look at Barack Obama. His childhood growing up without a father and his personal negative experiences with the health care system (I think involving a relative) drove him to eventually foist the monstrous ACA (Obamacare) on America. Yes, it's a lousy outcome but the point being that dissatisfaction and drive were both instilled in youth and ate at him until he did this terrible thing.

Another example, Bill Clinton grew up under an abusive alcoholic and he was permanently warped by the experience. He became a philandering pathetic lying dirtbag married to a shrill, calculating she-devil. :)