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Bronko, you remind me of a

Bronko, you remind me of a guy that was in my unit and the commander was trying to drum out. The C/O wasn't able to get him on a dirty pee test, although I know for a fact he had smoked weed (he told me so). He was not a controllable person as he was one of those that had an immunity to the trauma based conditioning they put us all through.

His best friend and him smoked weed with some other people, and his friend got caught. By the time they go around to testing him though, his system was clean. Then they started testing everyone in the unit they thought might have hung out with him. I never had a pee test in 3 years since my initial when I entered. I then had 2 in 2 weeks because of a witch hunt.

Anyways they moved him to the supply warehouse, away from the unit. The drug tests and bad mouthing of people in power, were enough to isolate him off from others. The thing is though, that the people ruling through fear will never be respected, only feared. Those that are kept away from you, respect you, but they are not going to voice it publicly. You have planted seeds. Do not expect to see immediate results, seeds take time to blossom. There is a reason you throw a few seeds in each plant hole, not everyone is going to germinate, but some will to the right environmental factors. Hope this analogy makes sense.

The guy they were trying to kick out without a dirty pee test, he got his congressman from Florida involved, and the C/O was horribly embarrassed by the incident. When he returned back to our unit, the people that tried to railroad him acted like they were happy to have him back. He told the Senior NCO that he would be coming and going on a work schedule of his choosing for the last 5 months of his enlistment. It was hilarious.

No one has power over you, you have to mentally create that reality for it to exist. Do not argue from a position of defense, argue from a position that the other person is absurd. Make them feel as though they are the ones that need to defend themselves, because they are.

Best of luck to you, I know how challenging it is to keep your cool when you are a person of conscience, dealing with morally deficient pond scum. It takes courage to do the unpopular but moral thing, and cowardice to go along to get along. Here no evil, see no evil, is bullshit yo. They will attack your character and call you weak and say you couldn't cut it, but they are just projecting. Deep down inside, they know who is the brave one, and who is the coward.