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Look at it this way.

I consider that the government should protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Those our the foundation of libertarianism. Today if a person murders another they have taken a life and thus go to jail, if convicted. Now I consider life to also include my property, because it took part of my life to obtain it. So if another person destroys my property with pollution, nano pesticides, gmo cross pollination, etc., then they have created one of the gravest incursions in my rights and should be punished. However they are not. The company that this person works for is the one that gets sued and well you already know the result. So if a person has the risk of going to jail, being held responsible for their decisions, then they will think very hard about their decisions.

Obviously bad decisions will be made and there will be repercussions that cannot be undone, but at least those that make such stupid decision will be getting locked up instead of being allowed to repeat such mistakes. The current system clearly doesn't work and I believe it clearly is a result of the responsibility having been transferred from the person to the company.