Comment: Recommend nothing.

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Recommend nothing.

Unfortunately the system is so corrupt that it is difficult to believe that you will be able to obtain justice. In the case of you ingesting food that has been contaminated, that is your problem. The food was never yours until you purchased it. Now if at that point some dude with a crop duster comes by and sprays your food, yeah he should be held accountable. But if you purchased it already contaminated that is something between you and the seller, no one else.

As for breathing in pesticides, I do agree with you. The current system doesn't protect you. It doesn't protect you because the government has become so powerful and controlling that it decides what is right or wrong. Just as the government has decided that it can take your property, put you in jail for putting something in your own body, put you on a kill list without a trial, etc., it has also decided that some company can pollute your air. The government shouldn't have the power to make such decisions; it should be protecting your life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

If your goal is to prevent people from polluting your property, then the current system will never work. A libertarian one, I believe, will.