Comment: Inspiring, for sure.

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Inspiring, for sure.

I closed a contracting business because I realized the only way to win was to play as dirty as my competitors. I could see no fair way to win. I still have my license, but I'm perusing other things I like now even though the money is not near as good. I've been working on a book about construction for the last three years. What has taken so long is that in the process of gathering and assembling what I knew was wrong with my industry, I realized that it wasn't just my industry. It was indeed a huge part of my awakening process. The book started out as a gripe session about the fallacies of my industry. I realized that for my book to be of any use, I needed to identify cause and effect and try to give potential solutions. Before this, I was barely a reader, much less a writer. None the less, I feel compelled to tell my story. I would love to read a book on your story, as I know it would add to my understanding of our current reality.
Reality needs to be discussed, no matter how unpopular, in order for there to be even a chance of shifting this most dangerous paradigm we find ourselves in. Keep your head up man! You made the right choice, no matter what anybody says. You had a meeting with your conscience, a meeting that no one else can have, and decisions made there are at least on the right track.

As for the Nay-Sayers, there's an old saying here in Texas that should apply, "never kick a cow turd on a hot day".

I look forward to your book. A book that might inspire you is one of my favorites: "It's Your Ship" by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. He bucked the system right in their face and became a well respected dude in his ranks. One of the sayings I remember is "it's not your fathers navy anymore".

Good luck brother!