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What is so odd is your assumption that I am irratated. I could lob assumptions about how you feel, "irratated", but I believe it's better for you to say how you feel, and for me to say how I feel, rather than each assume how the other feels.

I do not feel irratated. I see many awesome, outstanding, possibilities, and so I have hope and am inspired, which empowers me to make a stand. (I just finished writing a program and contacting some big players,, and I the community is excited and so am I.)

Coke vs pepsi, both are American cola companies, politically representing both parties, their lack of transparancy by, for, and of a republic thirsting for transparancy, as in water. And to me, that was the mission Ron Paul LEAD us when he invited us into the GOP. We are the water in the GOP, and I am here, to be transparent, not right, or righteous, or with an agenda, but to just be myself, stand for what I believe and let the votes fall where they may.

I don't find my participation in the GOP a waste of time. I am leaving for a leadership meeting I have today, CA chair, Treasurer, several candidates, and I they all know who I am, because I'm no different here on DP, than at a GOP meeting, no matter how big or small.. I have MY thoughts and ideas, and I don't play my cards to my chest because I'm transparent. And I have not sold out.. though I am getting offers. Folks like you make those offers look good by comparison.

I see other government's genocide, population purges, civil wars, government upheavels, coupes, and it's not all the USA. The USA has been under a propeganda attack though these UN treaties, where "to be fair", we have Cokmunist RT and Fascist Pepiress TV the new MSM, which is working to have Americans abandon all hope for America, to bring Americans under UN Agenda.

Maybe you should look at what these countries are doing to their people? Homosexuals assassinated (Russia), women beaten, rapes for not covering up, little girls like Malala shot in the face for wanting to read. Do you see what's going on? You have to do more than buy into the propeganda, but you have to search, and I mean search, and most don't. Most like to be entertained by conspiracy theory and "Bad America". America has problems, no doubt, but I wouldn't trade America for Sudan, Rwanda, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Gaza, Syria, Russia, England, France, Germany.. do you see what is going on? Or is it all "Bad America"?

Yeah, you can choose between coke and pepsi and water.. billions of people can't. Do you want to join them?

How many election cycles is not a honest question if you understand politics. It's not an end game, which is what you want to play, but it's layers, cycles, many cycles. and it has much to so with having candidates and support, inside and out. I LOVE Rand Paul, and would LOVE to see hom for president, but I don't want him to risk his senate seat.. so I don't believe 2016 (1 cycle) will be the cycle, maybe 2020.. and I see hope in the GOP because of the Ron paul Republicans.. I apologise to not give you the HARD NUMBER. I don't know. Maybe never, but I'd rather work at transforming the GOP and America to embrace it's Bill of Rights and Constitution and enforce it, rather than give up and prepare to assassinate people who may be coming onto my property seeking help, I'm not going to give if America goes to civil war. It will be each man for himself and I definately want the force with me, but them I LOVE life and want to live, actually, I want to THRIVE. And I am.. are you? Doesn't look like it.