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It's not that I don't understand

the arguments, it's that the free market paradigm, based on property supporting individual liberty, also doesn't protect against the threats the biome faces.

What's the remedy to the pacific ocean for fukushima? If nano pesticides were to disrupt the soil food web that feeds plants from microorganisms, who could fix that?

Whether or not libertarian free markets is better than the current paradigm, and I think it is, neither is enough. We will continue the trend of ecosystem degradation, affecting health and fertility, until there is some new thinking that addresses these problems. Until then, we're fighting corruption, while looking for higher ground (places that are not radioactive, or food that has not been genetically modified), while the less fortunate suffer unspeakably. It's not good enough.

I guess we're talking about managing overpopulation plus stupidity in wielding new technologies.