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Neither gov't *nor* corporations of the size they are

is any answer. But if I had to choose? I'd choose big gov't over big corporations. For one, it sure looks to me that corporations rule the U.S. gov't and not the other way around. And corporations don't even pretend to operate other than what maximizes their profit (for even the barest of profit increase) even if it would mean the demise of the very U.S. itself. There's always some other market. That's all people are to a corporation, a potential market, i.e., money.

Whereas, the government does at least pretend - and is sometimes legally bound - to acknowledge that people are creations of God with unalienable rights. "Private" solutions might work better outside of this Twilight Zone environment where corporations are treated with the same regard. In the past, "the people" could revoke the charter of a corporation deemed to no longer be operating in the public interest, virtually impossible these days.

Also, the concept of "property" - what's yours, what's mine, our rights concerning protection of property, etc. - is a man-made construct *not* acknowledged by Nature. Do you really believe that if you put pesticides on "your" property, they'll leach into the soil and water and be gradually carried downhill until - STOP! - they reach your property line? It's not just air pollution. It's all of it.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir