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O my goodness

The holding a day above another is talking about FASTING, NOT the Sabbath.

It's not a matter of translation it is a matter of TRANSLITERATION. Find a foreign movie and put on the subtitles and you will see the difference between translation and transliteration. Names are NOT translated.

Read the whole chapter. Paul is addressing "vegetarians" in Romans and is addressing "things sacrificed to idols" in Corinthians. If I go to someones house I can tell what is clean and unclean but I can't tell if it is sacrificed to idols and He is saying that since an idol is nothing then don't make it an issue UNLESS they say "This is sacrificed to some idol." You can't take "nothing is unclean OF ITSELF" out of context and make that your argument.

I keep the dietary laws and I eat with all kinds of people who don't but I still eat with them and I eat clean only. So I, my wife and others are living proof that you don't have to eat unclean to eat with "gentiles". As far as I know I AM a gentile but I am not alone in my desire to eat a clean diet.

I hate to make the point as I'm sure you will resist it but Paul's writings are covering specific problems within certain assemblies and you cannot know exactly what questions he is answering because we don't have those letters. Add to that the problems with translations/translators and it becomes clear why everything must be tested against Old Testament teachings as Paul instructed Timothy. The New cannot contradict the old. Paul said "Test all things." Against what? OT Scripture that's what.

Yes I read what you posted. Yahshua said that DIRTY HANDS do not make a man unclean. Ritual washing of hands was a Pharisee law which He was rebuking, not clean and unclean foods. If you read the account in Luke He goes on to say "thus cleansing all foods." It doesn't say "making all things food." Only clean things are "food".

There are many ways to "live like a gentile" that goes against the false teaching of the Pharisees ("the Jews"), and I'm sure that is Peters hypocrisy Paul was addressing. Not that Peter was living lawlessly against GOD but against Jewish tradition. The other day I drank a beer with an atheist, which is NOT UNLAWFUL, but if certain Christians came around and I jumped up away from the table to appease them then I would be a hypocrite. Right?

If you think the apostles ate unclean because they were eating with gentiles then do you think Yahshua was sinning and condoning sin because He ate with sinners. No of course not. I think we have beat the dietary argument enough so let's stick to the more important matters. OK?

Let me address the salvation thing one more time. There are two resurrections. One for those who keep His testimony and His Law at His coming. 1Th 4:16 Mat 24:31 1Co_15:52 These are the saints. Then the final resurrection and judgement where people are judged by their works. Rev 20:12-15 Salvation is not a given but neither is death for those of the final judgement. You see works are important.
The question isn't who is saved but who will take part in the first resurrection to which He gives us specific qualifications.

Adultery? The whole point was that we have no business going around punishing people who don't keep His law when we ourselves are sinners. We are not judges so we cannot enforce laws but that doesn't mean we should become lawless. He also said that Moses law of divorce didn't excuse people from adultery yet His words fall on deaf ears with many Christians who have multiple marriages. How do you feel about that?

Lastly. Faith without works is dead. The Law is Good if it is kept with faith. Paul never preached against GOD's Law but He did speak out against ordinances of men and the law of punishment by men.

Did you know that Gentiles could be accepted and Jews could be cast out in the Old Testament as well as the New? They are two testaments of the same God, same Christ, same blessings and same punishments. The New Testament is not about a new God with new laws but a better end reward. Heb_8:6 But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon BETTER PROMISES.

I notice you still haven't addressed the weightier matters of false worship and I hope it is because you are seriously investigating and not just ignoring it.

I live by Faith. I keep the law through obedience of my Faith. I hope you can see the difference .