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I couldn't just leave a hit & run comment

like that below. So I did read the article, and I agree with Walters. Very good, and very well written.

Morpheus has a description of the Matrix as a system, that sounds very similar:

People following in their parents footsteps, playing out roles with scripts. It is another way of saying that they are programmed.

What I find fascinating about this time that we're living in is that even as technology races on at breakneck speed, society remains extremely regimented. Stuck in the past, you might say.

If you see one paradox, one might be able to explain it away. Another one, and it is more challenging. More and more, and it is disturbing and annoying. The old structure can no longer account for what is happening. That is when a paradigm shift occurs, as Thomas Kuhn detailed in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Where I differ with you is getting to the point of getting rid of the state. I think there are many, many steps we need to take long, long before we get to that point. I don't think people have the training or understanding to go from where we are now to a stateless society.

But certainly I agree with your conclusion:

The System is in dire need of problem solvers and vocal purveyors of reason. The pinnacle of human existence still lays in the future. Certainly, what We have now isn’t even close to the apex – far from it.

No where near the apex. But while even the long term direction for humanity is inexorably up, there are from time to time setbacks within that long term upward trend. I think we're in such a trough right now. I can't pinpoint exactly where it began, or exactly where it will end, but I think it is natural and necessary for further advancement.

Thanks for the article Derrel.

He's the man.