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Comment: No. They are not dumb.

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No. They are not dumb.

They know what they are doing could kill them, they want to do it anyways.

They are living their lives exactly how they want to. There is nothing dumb about that. Testing the limits, quite literally living on the edge. That’s how they want to live and they are not hurting anyone except potentially themselves.

Some people never leave the safety of everyday life to experience the rush those people above are experiencing.

If they die they are going to die happy pushing themselves to see how far they can take it. I personally wouldn't go that route as far as pushing my limits as I lack balance and grace. Although I might see if Mountaincat will take me caving with him sometime, although claustrophobia sets in quick for me so maybe not.

Like I said though, they might die, but they are going to die doing what they want.

That’s not dumb.

That’s freedom.