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"but I wouldn't argue with

"but I wouldn't argue with Him about disagreements with His Law or His authority." Yes you would! The freedom bug is in you now, there's no going back. I know that if I go to heaven and he's not what I think he is, we're gonna have some problems! I'm not staying there! And he has to let me leave or else he's a slave master! It's that's simple guys. Let's say I killed someone here on earth, when I get to heaven to be judged, whose doing the judging? God!? If that's the case I want another judge, because the Christian god is a hypocrite. You can't say thou shall not kill and then kill! Just because you have the power to do something, doesn't mean you do it. I'm probably going to have some problems when I get up there guys lol. The way I see it, god and I are equals. For the people who say I'm crazy for making that statement, you guys are still living in the slave mentality. You give up one form of control just for another! Why isn't god our equal? Because he created us? So! What does that mean? A kid shouldn't just respect his parents blindly, they should have to work for his trust.