Comment: Just look at your take home before / after tax

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Just look at your take home before / after tax

Any politician who supports the expanding of existing or new government programs for more taxation under any form (controlled inflation included, thank you, Bernanke), thus disguised or not in whatever legalese jargon - instead of advocating to stop those abruptly or progressively and encourage people to invest (thus, wittingly risk) in whatever endeavor by keeping their money to begin with...

is technically a collectivist for me.

And that's why I'm sick and tired of it: turns out that, today, in 2014, it's actually the vast, vast majority of them. On both sides of the Atlantic.


So, I also find tiring and useless for us to continue nitpick or debate on labels or titles about who is "a true" collectivist or not on the sole basis of the officially stated purposes of their policies - when, at the end of the day, the outcome for us is fundamentally, systematically the same: keeping always less and less of the fruits of our labor or invention, because politicians "had a better idea of use" of our money.

Question my turn: show me where / when / how we have observed a sustained DECREASE of our direct and indirect taxation throughout, say, the last decade?

Well, it's nowhere to be found - MUCH quite the opposite instead - so,


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