Comment: That's a huge victory!!!

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That's a huge victory!!!

That's a huge victory!!! Actually victories!

What were the positions for the 20 LP'ers who are currently in office?

I just thought running in the GOP for local positions is easier than running for State-wide or County-wide positions. You never have to compromise nor sell out if you run in the GOP for local positions.

I agree at the national level Rand Paul is not as pure as I'd like him to be. He's selling out in order to gain acceptance...though I believe deep down he is infiltrating THEM : ) I may be kidding myself...only time will tell.

Also, I'm worried about the laws being stacked against the LP. This was Ron Paul's warning back in 2008 with respect joining 3rd parties including the LP. He requested all his supporters to take over the GOP.

Nevertheless, I'm impressed with your 20 LP victories in PA. I'd love to hear more about that.