Comment: But I never suggested or even vaguely implied that our taxes

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But I never suggested or even vaguely implied that our taxes

have decreased in any way in the last decade. It is ridiculous for you to invent a position I never took and then to ask me to defend it just because I ask YOU to defend your clearly made contention that Obama is a collectivist.

Government has been growing constantly since well before Obama took over. If THATS collectivism then George W. was more collectivist than Clinton, who in turn was more collectivist than George H.R. Bush.

I simply find it amusing that people who don't LIKE Obama (for very good reason) are at a loss to describe exactly what he is.

While many of us were growing up, we were taught the communism, socialism and collectivism were bad (and they are) so naturally, it seems, that when we don't like a politician and we lack the ability to explain why, we like to describe him as communist, socialist or collectivist, because it certainly sounds intelligent and like it makes sense, even if we can't explain how those terms apply to this guy AT ALL.

Obama gathered the support of LIBERALS and Democrats who are long associated with Socialism more than Republicans are. But he betrayed even those misguided souls who thought he would BRING these things to them - and instead gave us (and them) a completely different animal, not unlike the same animal that Bush had given us (and them) and that animal is CORPORATISM, despite who elected him or the traditional beliefs of those who elected him.