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Don't look unless the game thing is over...

Hi :) Ok, I'm not trying to interrupt the distraction of leather toys being thrown about and whatnot, just want to post this now since I have a minute.

It’s funny I was hoping there would be an instrument on the list so I could come running back to tell you make music!!!! Yay music!!! Lol. But I see a different option here. Learn to write a book. That’s not altruistic. I’ve been dying for a new read. I have read some of your stories, I remember most of them even ones from a while ago. Your writing has personality. I know I’m reading from a human when I read your writing. That is my choice for you. But this kind of game is a lot of fun for me, having people give me a task and then going away and doing it. I read a comment from Ronzdaman up there. He is right, if you don’t want it, it won’t matter. Although I think you might want this one. So…I chose that you learn to write a book. But any of those choices will be good. I just want to know I’m not the only working on a new skill as it will be frustrating sometimes.

Here’s the thing with the instruments. I played flute for a while in middle school. I can strum a chord or two on a guitar (nothing fancy), I can play a few very easy kids type tunes on the piano (Twinkle Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb, a few of those…) I also do well with maracas, tambourines, bongo drums…. Things that don’t require much attention so I can still get lost in my head to the other music going on.

Playing music is much like writing in that it is an aggressive act. It is saying; listen to me. It was never fun for me. I don’t like to hear myself when it comes to music and I don’t want others to hear me either. I like to hear other people’s music. However, I did throw the wild card out there for a reason. I knew there was a chance that you would take me out of a comfort zone, kinda like with The Matrix and synthesia. That article made me uncomfortable. I only clicked on the title because it was in the ‘art' forum (why did you put it there, I'm just curious it felt more like health to me),so I will take it if that is what you chose, you get to chose the instrument though also and I will go with it and give it my all and maybe even learn to love it. I really just do like people giving me tasks. Or I will take any other wild card. Really, I just want to be challenged I think. So chess or calligraphy would be challenging, or challenge me with an instrument or whatever lye you want to pour on my hand (Ok, but you can't have the hand I just recently slit with a razor, I'll have to give you the other one this time).

Can I ask you something really quick? Do you see what I see here? People’s main choices are picking up an instrument or learning a language. Both are forms of communication. That says to me that people want to communicate with each other despite barriers that may be in place. Isn’t it lovely Michael? I think it is.

Remind me again later and I'll tell you your sound, it's a good one. But you know I can't just tell you, I have to describe it and I already wrote a short story here.

Maybe I should work on brevity?