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Fighting for you country is

Fighting for you country is ok, but the real question is what is your country sending you to fight for? Learning discipline is good, but is learning it in an environment of hazing with physical and mental, brutality, the best way?

Spend a moment and look up the definitions of: federation (from which we get "federal"), congress, country, and nation in Block's Law Dictionary. You will discover that by joining the Federal military you are not actually fighting for a country. Congress in an international body which represents the peoples and governments of the various member countries. And if it is an international body, the government it is part of must be an international government. And if the US is an international government, the States must be nations, the countries that compose this federation, this thing that should properly be called The Union. After all, the the Constitution established a Union of several States, peoples, and nationalities before the 14th Amendment turned everyone into federal citizens. Also look up Roman Civil Law from which all our notions of "citizen" and "civil rights" come. You will then find that Americans do not live in freedom, and do not form a true republican body politic. Only the States are guaranteed a republican form of government. Not the United States. Our citizen status is but a method of ownership. You, me, all of us are owned, are possessions of The United States.

Your true home, lawful country, is the State in which you were born, the place from which You derive your de jure nationality. But the Union has been so perverted by the 14th Amendment that it barely exists but on paper, and is therefore truly worth fighting for, but not by taking up arms, or joining the Federal Military, but by learning the law that permits us to escape our federal enslavement and restore the republican freedom of the States in Union. Read The Red Amendment. The link is in the tag line. God be with you.

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