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Sorry for the confusion, but...

I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth, sorry if the turn of my response suggested it - that wasn't the intent.

But I answered your question clearly, I think.

Well, duh, of course they've all been poisoned to various extents by the collectivist manners of devising economic policies at least since Nixon, or even before him, since FDR.

Where's the news there?

As for Big O, I do realize I forgot to mention another distinctive feature of them, that makes him the champion of them all, actually (although the Bush were already breaking records, granted)...

Precisely because their basic working assumption is that a planned economy can work - once they're in charge of it, of course - (and whether they confess it or not, and whether they use the lever of cronyism immediately once in office or they don't) collectivists can't help but repeat with this one particularly spectacular pattern:

they SYSTEMATICALLY explode, one after the other, the budgets they get to devise for their Great Plans for the Greater Good of the Nation.

We like it or not, the Obama administration - and after criticizing Bush's spendings at the level of 4 trillion dollars - is already at past the level 7 trillion dollars to be spent in just after 5 years.

Obama and his defenders can say all they want regarding who started to spend first and how big, it remains that things not only didn't change direction by a fraction of a degree, but actually got even worse than the worst that could have been alluded to during the campaigns.

I don't get what is so difficult to understand - what they might say or wish or profess doesn't matter for the tiniest freaking bit - nor does trying to categorize them on an abstract political taxonomy and its distracting vocabulary - when they keep, eventually, looting you and me, among an entire population, always more and more.

Words are cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

In an imaginary world where that could be heard, I would demand they show me the books. All the books.

I would demand an explanation about what's going on with this:

With that much of new money "printed" how come the US middle class isn't much wealthier?

How come one needs to have a SNAP program around extending to up to 46+ million americans?

Don't be "obsessed" with corporatism alone. It's only a facet of it.

Of course the US can't quite experience a Soviet-like collectivist system where all the means of production are state-owned... yet.

Capitalism needs to die first. And how do you kill capitalism? Corporatism and cronyism - which actually hate competition and entrepreneurship in case you haven't noticed - is one out of the several weapons that are to be used for that end.

And making as many people as possible dependent on the state is another.

Discouraging and making the middle (working) class SHRINK is another.

What for? To justify always more state's prerogatives. Always more programs, funded by more taxes, direct or indirect. More arbitrary grants and/or regulations in favor of this or that group (or corporation(s)).

The sustained killing - intended or not - of small and mid size businesses, in service and manufacture sectors is what I had to witness for 30+ years in my country, only with big crony corporate and accomplice unions (also receiving subsides, btw) were allowed to be bailed out on a regular basis - in complete disregard of ANY competitive or performance criteria.

If you think the dealings of US gov't with some car manufacturers or banks or insurance companies were a shame in recent years, please know that you americans are only starting to get the taste of it (granted, at your bigger country scale), while I was already reading about such scandals in my country 20 years ago - damn it - and they have continued to pop up with every new fake conservative or true socialist administration we've had ever since.

So, please... remember you can also learn from others' HUGE mistakes if you're not arrogant enough to consider yourself the center of the world.

Let's mention Obamacare for a second.

Hint, hint, hint: exercise for you - do some research and see how universal health care coverage with gov't intervention is working out now for France ... in respect to a (desirable) balanced budget.

Warning: you might encounter the word "bankruptcy" in many contexts.

Would that be that French administrators, and doctors, and/or patients are more stupid than you could ever be, for them not being able to have such a great system work instead of failing?

Or would that be that this sort of system is FUNDAMENTALLY flawed anyway?

So, again: have you seen all the books?

Until you have, for now, just like me, you have in fact only but a fuzzy idea of the actual damages over the US economy as a whole.

Only the planners in charge (those at the top anyway, and maybe also some of the biggest crony CEOs) DO.

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