Comment: As with most of this "secret"

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As with most of this "secret"

As with most of this "secret" stuff there's a lot of spooey around a central truth.

The people I admire most for what they've accomplished don't waste time trying to B.F. Skinner their unconscious mind. They know there's a far more direct route. WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH. They work for it creatively, strategically, with the best of their innate and learned skills.

The people who aren't up to all that actual work on the actual problem or desire like to read books like "The Secret" and watch dippy videos spawns. They're desperate for a work around the work. Instead of building relationships, then a database of folks who could help with an endeavor, then a plan of action, they build image walls to feed their subconscious minds with their desires and they send good thoughts into a caring universe attuned to the slightest shift in their particular vibration energy.

Okay, sure. Let's admit it works. If you've got the secret and use it, you'll more likely to go out on any given day and meet someone who fits with your goals or pay attention to an idea that will help you in your endeavor.

What such folks miss is that the person who doesn't have the secret, who has strategies and databases and acquired knowledge will meet five people that day and attend to five ideas.

The folks who get excited by this "secret" stuff are just so far behind the normal functioning person that they see miracles in the pay off of a little attention.

And this is where the core of truth comes in. Some folks aren't able to go after their goals and desires in a direct way. They don't feel worthy. There's been little in their lives thus far for them to give themselves any cred. They've earned little respect for themselves. And that stuff is a cloak around them that shields them from ideas, people, achieving.

The way to get past that is to prove otherwise to yourself. Go out and do what you want to do, at least try and at least fail grandly and at least learn and fail less next time. Prove to yourself that you're able and worthy. We all have to cajole ourselves, outwit ourselves, trick ourselves to get the job done. The folks who are drawn to this "secret" stuff need to perpetrate a lie on themselves.

Fine. As long as you know it's a stage, a transitory stage just to get to a stage of self worth in which you can begin dealing on a far more honest and efficient plane.