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I realize that it's hard to turn down the offer because nowadays it's economically the right decision. So I don't blame you if you sign up for economic reasons. Notwithstanding that the government is paying you with money they have stolen or will steal from the productive peaceful people.

Just don't kid yourself that you are serving anyone other than yourself - notwithstanding all the bullshit propaganda about serving your country.

I can't believe how often this Thomas Paine quote applies:

"Of more worth is one honest man, to society and in the eyes of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived"

Anyways, you should do what benefits you the most. In a free market society, that would be whatever benefits others as well. Government interference (stealing) upsets the equation and makes people do what they would otherwise not simply because there would be no money for killing and stealing. But I believe in personal self interest and there are very few who would turn down the money like Ron Paul not taking SS and returning his congressional surplus each year - but we're not all Ron Paul.