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First, understand that you

First, understand that you won't be serving your country. You'll be serving the Banking Cartels of the world. Even our top brass openly admit they take their marching orders from the UN.

You will do horrible things to innocent people, and by the time you wake up and realize you were a dumb thug for the most evil people on earth, it'll be too late for sorry. You can't "appologise" for ripping the life out of children and their mother who were huddling behind a wall that you didn't know about when you were trying to blast through a wall to get off the street. You'll live with guilt for the rest of your life, constantly trying to tell yourself it was for a good cause to wash away your self loathing, trouble is, as a libertarian, you'll know its not true. Like many of our vets these days, you'll probably end up putting a gun in your own mouth.

Even if you aren't directly responsable for the horrors our military will inflict on innocent people; you'll still be culpable for playing a part in the military machine that made the murder of innocents possible.

Do yourself a favor: Do NOT become another "enforcer" for the central banks. Do not become another broken killer for the bad guys.

If you want to fight evil and protect your country, get a rifle and join up with the militia if we are attacked, otherwise just learn liberty, pass on what you learn, get involved with taking your local government back from the banksters and buy bitcoin & gold/silver.

Central Banks are the enemy of free mankind. Until the central banks are gone, we will never be free. Until you understand that, you cannot "serve your country," you'll only be a tool for the banks.