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But you miss the narative:

But you miss the narative: The state pushes for people to sacrifice for their fellow man. They try to make a moral "virtue" out of that concept. This was the entire theme of communism, and is the narrative from which Ayn Rand is speaking. She is telling you not to believe the state and give up your prosperity for the "future" because the "future" never comes. Altruism (as the state was defining it at the time) is not a "virtue" we should consider to be right. Rather it is the shackles they use to enslave us.

When I said Altruism can be forced on you by "social pressure" that's exactly what I mean. You give up the benifits of your labor for the prosperity of the state because its the "right thing to do." This is the lie that is the government's idea of Altruism.

But as you said, true "Altriusm" doesn't really even exist since we only do things because we place a value them, unless we are being forced (direct force or social preassure). They are either done by choice or by coersion. Any Rand is simply pointing out reality. Server yourself and we all benifit. You will work harder when you go after what "truly" motivates you.

Those who derive joy from helping themselves usually help others as a bonus (even directly if that's what motivates them). Those who derive joy from hurting others are called criminals and don't apply to the ideal of long term self interests. That's what jails & self defense are for.

Do yourself a favor and don't call Ayn Rand a fool. It doesn't reflect well on you. Whatever you may think of her, she is clearly not a fool.