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If your god is all powerful

If your god is all powerful and all knowing, then he already knows who will pass his test and who will fail. That fact alone makes the myth of "free will" Christians love to cling to completely nonsensical. According to the bible, god sees all things, past, present & future. Your fate is predestined. He's placing things which he created with the full knowledge that they will fail a billion years before they even take the test into a painful arena, just to watch them fail. Then what? Watch them get tortured in hell for eternity. You had no free will. The outcome of your test was forseen, and god did nothing to save you from your ruin and eventual fall into the flaming pits of hell. So much for love.

Case in point: He makes Adam and Eve. He can see the future, he knows Adam and Eve inside and out, knows exactly what they'll do when he puts the @#$%ing apple in the garden... Yet... he puts the apple in the garden anyway.

Hello, earth to god. If you don't want your creations to botch your @#$%ing tests, how about you design them not to fail your tests, and don't bother testing them when you KNOW they are going to fail.

If I make a paper doll, ask it to be fireproof, then light it on fire, do I really have any place to be mad at my doll when in the idiot who set it up to a test I KNEW it would fail?

More importantly, what kind of psychopath do I have to be to torture my creations for all eternity for failing to pass tests that I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO FAIL!?

In order to believe in a god, you have to invent hundreds of silly rationalizations to explain away all the things that don't make sense. The more you do this, the less your "version" of religeon will resemble anything else on the planet. What makes you think you were the one who got it right? You have to dig yourself deeper and deeper into nonsensical fantasy land rubbish to retain your faith until you become a zealot not really capable of non-compartmentalized reason. When you answer each one of these silly rationalizations with: "Because there is no god" they all make perfect sense.

I submit, if you were unhappy with the meaning of life, you were doing something wrong. God may act as a turniquite that keeps you alive, but it'll leave you a mental cripple. Inventing answers where you have none is a sign of mental weakness, not a virtue. You need to quit pretending to believe in nonsense and start striving for the truth. For example, we live in an electric universe. Youtube that, it'll blow your mind if you're anything like me.