Comment: Here's a comment from my Israeli pen-pal friend, Rafi....

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Here's a comment from my Israeli pen-pal friend, Rafi....

Below is a comment by my West Bank Settler pen-pal, Rafi:

"This is a perfect example of a crock of bullshit that has the veneer of being sort of true because they put a half a molecule of truth in it and then expect that half a molecule to support a latrine full of lies. This is pathetic statist nonsense, is what this is.

"Yes, the Knesset passed an inconsequential bill "breaking the pyramids" but the whole idea that this is what they're actually doing is absolutely laughable, and you can quote me on this. The State spends 60 years constructing monopolies, handing out special privileges, strangling the economy and looting private citizens and one day they decide to punch you in the face 10 times a day instead of 11 and then we're supposed to get up and cheer and call them all geniuses.

"The government controls EVERYTHING. I haven't read this stupid bill, but I suspect all it does is pass monopoly privileges on from an old group to a new group. Big whoop.

"If the knesset really wanted to deal with inequality, it would allow allow free imports with no tariffs, competition on the ports (there is only one port and it is controlled by Labor Party controlled labor Union called Histadrut) get the hell rid of minimum wage and child labor laws, etc. etc. and all the stuff you know already.

"You're right. Income inequality is not a problem in and of itself. It is only a problem when the rich people are rich because of special government privilege instead of because they are good at serving consumers. You get it. But nobody here does.

"Voice in the wilderness I am. HELLO?!!! Echo...."

(I met Rafi on the Daily Paul and contacted him privately. We spent several weeks exchanging e-mails so I could understand better what was actually happening in the Middle East. My probings were non-confrontational and geared only toward learning. I have a much better understanding of Israel today than I did before I started this exchange. If I have a negative view of Israel as a political entity, it is because I believe it is a deeply flawed country, as confirmed by someone who lives there by choice. Rafi is a Jewish- American zionist ex-pat with strong religious ties to the idea of Israel as the Promised Land given to Jews by God.)