Comment: Have a can of beer!

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Have a can of beer!

Being turned into a Nation of pussies is much bigger than any type of game or sport.
Hormone and Steroid saturation of the entire population has something to do with it.
Water, the life source of everything on this planet has so much estrogen that even the fish are mutated where male fish have developed eggs in their bodies. Testosterone imbalance in all male gendered creatures is at an all time high. Every time you sit down to your “big game meal” that was dumped out of a can that was lined with that inner “plastic looking” liner you are consuming BPA which acts as female Estrogen. Man Boobs, enlarged prostate, fertility issues, maybe female adaptation ?
Of course the drug Companies promote injections of Testosterone to bring back the “man” that is now more Estrogen soaked than Testosterone. Eating GMO and non organic food also contributes to the poisoning of both male & female.