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You people are really sad.

I suppose you never take a break from all your 'liberty spreading business' to catch a movie? It's so funny to watch people around here just rip each other apart for not being exact clones of one another. So you made your point, you don't care for football, whooptefuckingdoo! Guess what! I don't take time to watch movies, or television in general. DO you watch televisions or movies? Should I preach and point fingers at you because you do something I don't do? You must be really busy spending 24/7 bringing liberty and freedom to America. I'm really not sure how you can do it.

Whatever happened to just respecting people in general? There are a whole bunch of people on this site that are very willing to degrade anyone who doesn't live life exactly as they do, and I just don't understand it. Freedom and liberty mean that I can watch a damn football game if I wish, and you can watch a movie, or have circle jerks for all I care. These cities didn't go down the tubes because of a football game. I don't know how many times I've read the true wisdom of some POS on here explaining how anyone who dares watch football somehow 'worships' athletes and a game. Is there some sort of 'stupid ass' gene in this pool I'm swimming in? If so is there a cure that doesn't include me trying to live my life in order to please every single person who seems to have all the answers? I'd sure like to hear it.