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At first...

I thought you were just joking/being sarcastic in your comments, but you're serious?

I can cut the cord on that one right there. My uncle was in the WCW and two of my cousins played in the NFL. One for the Cardinals and another for the Browns. My family is very into sports/athletics from the point we are all kids, all of us have played at least to the high school level of some sport.

Anyways, WCW was as fake as can be. My uncle rarely ever got hurt. He went through a lot of physical conditioning, and took some blows, but they weren't significant since he knew how to take them - and he wasn't exactly a wimp. But he'll openly tell you wrestling is fake as can be.

Football on the other hand, you are entirely incorrect on every front. All of the plays are real. It actually does take significant planning/studying to be able to identify plays the other team is about to execute; etc. etc. etc. And your statement of 'asleep' NFL fans is very laughable. As if it is a crucial element of everyday life that one could indeed be affected by via being 'asleep.' I'm not even a huge football fan, only watched 4-5 games this entire season; but're just making yourself look bad, and potentially the liberty front as well, if you try to tell people something like that. You have to honestly "want" to believe football is fake to even begin to imagine scenarios that could 'prove' your theory - and we all know where that leads.