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I agree with your comment and I understand how you might have perceived degradation with my comment. I do not watch television nor do I pay retail for movies. It is, in fact, very difficult to redefine one's life in observation of the fact that virtually everything around us is one big lie. From being stuck on unnecessary petrochemical fuels, unnatural allopathic medical systems, indoctrination education systems and a literally criminal justice system, every facet of our lives is a construct of the criminals who are guiding this nation where we the people do not want it to go. My argument is merely this: rather than being distracted by the routine, mundane entertainments of a criminal empire, should we not learn our lessons and spend our entertainment time seeking the truth of our situation and how to properly deal with it rather than to put a plug into our ears and devoting our resources to things that do not matter in the least? Look I do not down you for being a fan of football or anything else. Freedom is what you make of it. But that freedom was and still is apparently squandered by those who would rather seek shallow entertainment instead of engaging their communities on a regular basis about things that might bite them in the ass if they do not pay attention. Detroit got bit and those fuckers were distracted the whole time. New York got bit and those fuckers were distracted the whole time. California continues to get bit but there are enough fruits and nuts paying attention so that at least there the criminal bureaucrats have to put up with a fight. Look at the bureaucracy of Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, D.C. and the Myriad of other cities who continue to be decimated by this whole freaking mess! But as I said before, until YOU and everyone else REALIZES the tools that our RULER and OWNERS use to corral us into our collective cages, mind and body, then we will continue to fail to realize a future that coulda and shoulda been.

Oh and I don't drive either. Fuck the criminal empire!

P.S. Unplugging will leave you happier at the simplest things and yet more pissed off than you have ever been at the loads of important shit that you never knew about. You didn't know about it because truth must be sought, clearly the criminal empire is not making a priority of delivering it.