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...actually fails to validate the possible existence of god. It is not a proof in any case. The most it could (have) be/been is an evidence that would support a proof. Of course, one is entitled to hang on to it and apply it as they wish, but it cannot be accepted as a proof. I mistakenly relied upon entropy at one time as part of my toolbox of evidence. But as any honest seeker will find, through continued study some things don't hold up in the way we had hoped. There are a number of problems with the thermodynamics argument of entropy that I won't spend time with here tonight (gotta go to work). But they are, in my view, sufficiently problematic to conclude that entropy falls short of acting as a proof. We're all on a path and it's good to keep moving.

P.S. I thought when you said you are a Deist that you were going to say "motion" was your reason for believing in the possibility of god ;-)