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Being that we are much further north, tomatos, peppers, eggplant, squash are started in a green house, under lights, with a warming tray, transplanted to 2 - 4" pots and held in the greenhouse until May when they are relocated to, in my case straw bales, some with plastic/ greenhouse. Here on the coast the only way to grow tomatos is in a greenhouse.. they will grow without a greenhouse, but they will not produce fruit, or they will but they are small and few.

I won't be starting my seed until March (after the threat of "Northern storms", which sweep the landscape vertically)

Change is what peopledo as the grow, unless one has an agenda and a message.. and they repeat that mesage.. nothing wrong with thta, but I do not have a message or agenda but to be myself, for better or worse, I am I.

I recomend you watch the movie "Life of Pi".