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If you control the language then you control the debate.
If private ownership of firearms runs counter to your ambitions, then you come up with a nasty sounding name like "Assault" rifle and watch the media incorporate it into everyone's conversation.
If you are envious of your neighbor's possessions then you coin a phrase which indicates his wealth was stolen; something like: "He should give something back" or "fair share" or "Living wage", then kick back as the media incorporate the phrases into everyone's conversation.
Pro-abortion becomes "Pro-choice". Those on the other side are not anti-abortion, they are "Anti-choice".
Persons questioning a president's birthplace become "Birthers".
Individuals desiring to work while a union shuts down production are known as "Scabs".
People who oppose foreign intervention become "Isolationists".
Gun owners become "Gun Nuts" and "Gun lovers" - So powerful is the language that I've even heard gun owners refer to fellow gun owners in this manner.
Farms have become known as "Factory Farms".
Anyone not in lock-step with the Global warming movement is labeled a "Denier" in reference to the Holocaust.
Advocates of limited government become "Anarchists".
Disagreeing with the president labels you a "Racist".
Changing the modern day meaning of "liberal" would require taking over the education system and the media - That's a tall order. I refer to myself as Libertarian.