Comment: Whats in a Name? Seriously?

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Whats in a Name? Seriously?

I asked this question some time ago "Whats in a Name?" Wearing the GOP or DNC or even "LP" label should not be OUR "issue". That is, we should NOT confuse our liberty-loving self identity with the LABEL on our lapel.

Labels have power, but don't let the GOP, DNC, or LP label have power over you. Don't allow the label become a prison to your liberty to effect change with-in the 2-party duopoly.

Indeed, in 2005 we old-school libertarian activists here in Phoenix (see Earnie Handcock's decided to "Hey guys, let's FREE Liberty from the LP!!!" and so created & branded the wide open "R3VOLution". Dr. Ron Paul and many others talked to Ron Paul in 2006 & 2007 and said, "the R3VOLution will sign your phrase and spread your name from coast to coast". With that, the "R3VOLution" was basically born. Not enough credit goes to Ernie Hancock, but that is just my opinion.

ANYWAY --- We liberty lovers should and MUST infiltrate both parties as fast as we can. Indeed, it can be lots of fun.

"Why We Must Re-brand Liberty Inside the 2-Party Duopoly."

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