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The Granger Makes the CASE, yet doesn't see it.

I quote: "this is what the Neos did Neo liberals took the Democratic Party and Neocons took the GOP, and they gutted the GOP, hook and crook"

And there you have it. THAT is why we liberty-lovers can and must do the very same thing. Its a proven path, as Granger just pointed out, that a small bunch of tenacious ideologues can and do take over entire policy directions within the 2-party duopoly.

It can happen again. The "Jacksonian Democrats" or "Pro-War Liberals" and their think tanks are still "On the Left"......and thanks to many of them splitting up and moving over to the conservative side in 1980, the "NeoCons" or new conservatives were born.

The NeoCons rose quickly up the ranks inside the GOP and inside think tanks. Their greatest coup was the taking over of the FREE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE. They transformed it with money and people.

The head of the snake changed and the body followed. That is how a few passionate ideologue activists can and have taken over both the GOP and the DNC. That is WHY the "war party" exists in both parties. We liberty lovers must do the same, be inside both parties.

I think its been done with the Ayn Rand Institute, now so wildly pro Israel that its unbearable hypocrisy is sickening. ARI claims that its not libertarian, that "Objectivism has a clear, well-defined, and unique view of political principles, which exist as outgrowths of their philosophical foundations" but its leader, an Israeli born & raised citizen and now I guess an American citizen, Yaron Brook, could NOT say one way or the other in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and today if invading Iraq was right or moral. That is, he provided no "clear, well-defined, unique view" on the matter. It was and is appalling.

Controlling the body of the snake is best done by becoming the head of the snake. Its been done inside the born-again christian movement. Once upon a time, pre-1980's, they were firmly against Israel. Today, they are firmly FOR Israel. This transformation is done by inside infiltration and taking over the top POLICY MAKING positions within the organization. It works, its proven, and that seems to be where the true battle is waged.

What Granger fails to realize is that the suspicion cast your way is just the team-fan hang over. It comes when new players join rival teams. It will ALWAYS be there, and your skill is measured by how far you rise up within the organization without those arrows hitting and going deep.

Hence, a liberty lover in the DNC may (for survival) choose two liberal hot buttons that are liberty loving, champion those, and pay lip service to "funding our schools" and "of course a woman must choose". That would be the life of a DNC Senator whose a liberty lover. In the same way, a liberty loving GOP Senator may say such things as "Iran must be stopped", "I love Israel", and of course "Edward Snowden should serve some time for what he did". Hence, life as a libertarian politician wearing the GOP or DNC label is a balancing act for sure. But HEY IT WORKS. Even the LP is not immune, it gave its nod to several non libertarians to run as the LP President and Vice President (Bob Barr / Wayne Allyn Root). Indeed, when asked by me at Freedomfest, "What are individual rights?" both failed to say, "Life, liberty, and Property", the cornerstone principle of the LP itself.

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