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calling a spade a spade and calling bullshit...


"because Ron Paul insisted THE GOP."

Bullshit. Bullllllll Shit. Ron Paul did not "insist THE GOP". He embraced & encouraged support from whence it came; wherever that may have been. Still does. It's necessary.

I am a Republican thoroughly disgusted with "my party". That's essentially WHY I am continuing to participate by again becoming a delegate - so that I can help hold the ground we have gained by Liberty loving grassroots participation, as well as by encouraging the LOVE of Liberty wherever I am.

The problem as I see it, with not only the Republican party but the Democrat party as well... They have both been co-opted by Fascists. Both of them. Bought and Paid for. True Democrats have to be just as disgusted as True Republicans. I wish there were two different parties - one to restrain the other. That is what keeps government in check.

Think how far the 'Democratic Party' has strayed from "Ask not what your country can do for you.....". Easy to see, isn't it? The Republican Party - GOP - has strayed just. as. far..

'Grassroots' does not mean 'lawn mower'. Roots FEED. Nourishment or poison... they feed. There is plenty of poisoning going on in and out of the GOP. My role is to help nourish the love of Liberty among those who have taken up some of the poison, with ideas & Love.

I didn't downvote your comment, because I think it is important to have these discussions. Not that I didn't want to.....