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Not my experience

We just have to be REAL. People will accuse others of all kinds of things to push them back. People will call others names to stop them from going forward. I see it in the GOP.. it's why there's this "go along to get along.". the "What if they don't like me?"

Let it be their problem. When you come from a genuine place, don't fear others.. know they will try to stop you (the devil never rests). Just do your best and stand tall.

Just this past week.. I made a passionate stand, and while there are those on my committee that were put off by my stand, embarrassed, ashamed, giving me dirty looks... in the end. Others stood up and were heard. One man stood up pointed at me and said, "That lady is REAL and is telling a truth and this is why I'm here, to do something besides being told what to do!"

Several people made a point to give me their cards, introduced themselves to me, tell me "Right on!". At dinner, those who were "ashamed" of me sat in the back and I was in the front with the elite, because people who are active and doing things LIKE action. The like REAL. They like courage.. they want to absorb it.

So, no fear. Just be you. Be REAL.