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I tend to approach

People in political discussion rather humbly, so I can find an area where people will tend to relate no matter what and work from there.

However, I absolutely notice that there is a tendency within people who lean progressive/ liberal and having complete economic ignorance. I think it's a big part of why they believe in the things they do, is mainly because they lack a basic understanding of what money is and where it comes from. they tend to not understand how markets work in the slightest.

Most of the time when I try and educate/inform them of concepts that they are just dead wrong on it's met with emotional outrage and they just refuse to believe sound logic and reason. My goal is to always try and break those barriers down on people to bring them to the light, but as Plato's " Allegory of the. Cave", I can only show them the path to the truth it's up to them to will themselves towards it. And this is why I think there tends to be a true political dichotomy; not between statists and anarchists, but rather between Rational people and emotional ones.