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You are taking what I posted out of context. I said it IS INDOCTRINATION IF...You espouse that ONLY YOUR beliefs are factual and the "truth".

Sounds to me like you had intelligent parents that made you analytically assess the merits of both sides of the argument which is EXACTLY what I am advocating. You came to the conclusion after a lifetime of assessment, that whatever YOUR religion teaches is correct; and I have zero problem with that.

As I alluded to, I take issue with parents that ONLY teach THEIR side of the argument and immediately dismiss opposing views as false or "against god's will." For example; to have a solid argument against other social/political philosophies, and to be a staunch advocate for the principles of Libertarianism/Minarchism/Anarchism you have to study Communism, Socialism, Feudalism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Imperialism, etc.

That is what I am advocating and it sounds to me like you are advocating the same course of action for unbiased intellectual development.

I appreciate your view point and the fact that you could expound on it eloquently. I understand where the disdain for some atheists comes from, many of them are crass, arrogant and dismissive of other peoples beliefs...I am not one of them. I too grew up in a very religious household (church 2x a week, bible study, missions, etc.)and I came to a different conclusion than you. I am open to the idea that anything is possible in our universe, and that your religion or any of the other religions could be correct, I personally have never said that MY belief (or in this case disbelief) is absolutely correct. My belief, after a lifetime of research; I found that in my studies I could not find empirical evidence to substantiate the claims of religion.

Please live your life the way you deem best, and I will do the same, above good or bad, above right or wrong we have CHOICE! That is what I have taken away from my studies of religion.

and with all sincerity may your god bless you and yours!
peace, love and liberty for all!