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Let's see ...

1991 memories :) ...

Mid-teens, California high-desert

Homeschooling but just starting out at junior college (launching my way too-long career of changing majors)

Playing street sports with the neighborhood kids and a local dad who happened to be a little person movie actor -- he schooled us all in basketball big-time :)

The thrill of some glider (sailplane) lessons over the California City hills -- going cross-country with someone, landing at a deserted airstrip and having to call in a tow-plane to pull us back through a thunderstorm

Obsessed with messing around with the family's Commodore 64 :)

Politically a big Pat Buchanan supporter, Rush Limbaugh listener -- although some good Liberty-oriented roots that got kind of off-course into mainline conservatism for a time. Sort of a schizophrenic pull in two directions, which the good doctor helped cure :)

Curling up in an armchair with a CS Lewis or Tolkien book

Piano lessons -- then burn-out -- then rediscovering it more recently :)

Hearing that strange new Nirvana sound...shoegaze from across the pond

Discovering Art Bell's show and falling asleep to it :)

Lots of things I wish I could go back and nip in the bud that would get me off-focus and off-course in some ways. But grateful for the lessons, anyhow.

Love the picture, Michael :)