Comment: How close?

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How close?

The first link is to a film entitled, "Into the Fire." It chronicles the police and protesters clashing at the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada. It's a long movie, but IMO, worth watching if one knows anything about wolf packs and how they hunt, while viewing the tactics used by the police.

This can't happen in the United States? The next link shows what happened at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA in 2009. Take note of the police tactics.

The next link shows police and protesters clashing during the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention.

The elites will protect themselves with the police, and the police know the crowds aren't going to fight back. The protesters did nothing unlawful, the police on the other hand. I'm not sure in the first two videos these are actually police officers, no name tags, no badges. They could be Blackwater mercenaries for all I know.