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Comment: Yes, Some of RP'S Philosopy Parallels That of Libertarians.

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Yes, Some of RP'S Philosopy Parallels That of Libertarians.

However, Ron Paul does not champion every Libertarian principle and he is not a Libertarian. He is a Republican who has some core principles, based on Constitutional conservative views, which are common to the Libertarian party.

The "court the Democrats" idea is what has gotten the GOP into it's current "no-can-win" state of being. The GOP, since, at least, the nineteen-sixties, has been attempting to "win the Black vote" or "win the Hispanic vote", "reaching across the aisles" and caving, or compromising, on issues under the pretense of "bipartisanship" efforts to make itself more palatable to "conservative leaning Democrats" and minority voters who, when votes count, invariably vote en bloc for Democratic candidates. In doing this, the GOP has alienated the conservative base of voters which was successfully rallied by Ronald Reagan, to win by landslide margins, but which now stays home on election day, refusing to cast votes for Constitutionally weak candidates.

The GOP needs to cast out the "Progressives", let them go back to the Democratic party, and adopt a Constitutional conservative ideology to win.