Comment: Management has evolved.

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Management has evolved.

Just like the prison system, the modern day government has learned more effective management techniques.
In the past, a warden trying to gain more control in his prison might decide to drastically limit the amount of property an inmate can have. He would then announce to the inmate population how it is to be and then send his officers to immediately confiscate the property - enraging the inmate population. Think of Attica.
In today's world, the prison would announce the planned reductions, but would phase them in gradually over a period of years while simultaneously giving some extra perk - maybe more food. The inmate population would then be quite at ease with the transition.
In this modern age, no government is going to suddenly seize all our guns or property or whatever - all at once. They will take these things slowly, one step at a time, while simultaneously giving us new "Rights" such as healthcare or a "living wage" or more foodstamps.
Therefore, it is difficult to determine how closely we relate to Nazi Germany.
We do know that fascism (combining corporations with govt) is increasing rapidly in the U.S.