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I don't know.

I've found that, for the most part, it's easier to talk to and sway even hardcore neocons than it is most liberals.

And honestly? I think it's because, in the end, we have more common ground ideologically, even if they fail horribly at putting it into practice.

Hear me out, now. Almost all of the worst infringements on freedom that gain the support of neocons do so by saying that they're protecting us. When you ask a neocon what's being protected, almost without fail the answer is "freedom." Right there is common ground - the idea that freedom is valuable. The next step is to simply agree that freedom must be protected, and gently point out that these "protections" are destroying freedom.

You would be -astounded- at how well this works. Gay marriage? It's easy enough for me, being a Christian, as I can reply that marriage is a church issue. Marijuana? Point out how the war on drugs is being used to violate every right imaginable - and how costly it is.

See, there are two points of key common ground that (GENERALLY) we share with conservatives and neocons, and don't with liberals. Specifically, we believe that we have rights from a source (God, nature, whatever) beyond and above government, and that fiscal responsibility and low taxes are absolute musts. Opposition to a nanny state is just a bonus. It's also shockingly easy to convince the vast majority of how bad an idea foreign intervention is, again by using ideological common ground.

Liberals don't share that common ground. They may blather about "freedom," but look real close and you'll find they mean "freedumb." They'll talk about gay "rights," but what they mean is that everyone, even - especially - the religious, must be forced by government to accept it. They'll talk about pot legalization... and that's about the only place they're consistent. Fiscal responsibility and low taxes? Naw, TAX THE RICH MOAR! Non-interventionism? All over it until EVERY WAR IN THE PAST FREAKING CENTURY.

Why is this? It's because we share almost no ideological common ground. Your average neocon, regardless of what their favored politicians actually do, will see the government as a dangerous, possibly hostile entity that's there to protect the country. Your average liberal, however, sees the government as a benevolent... THING that bestows gifts and equality upon the masses, while keeping those evil rich people and the evil market in check.