Comment: Devil's Advocate...Really?

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Devil's Advocate...Really?

C'mon, it doesn't take much to see the line of questioning that Rogan is implementing and where he genuinely believes that for instance, the environment is so sacred the government (to which he admits in some cases he doesn't trust) needs to "stop BP from polluting".

So Joe Rogan, why didn't the holy government stop BP the first time with all the regulation and all the other companies all the times before?

He completely discounts the fact that the government IS regulating as we speak and disasters are a normal occurrence. Schiff reiterates that these very regulations created the situation for the disaster to happen and be exacerbated.

Sorry but Rogan doesn't get it and Schiff sometimes doesn't see the worldview completely that he needs to the person he is debating to point these basic concepts out.

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