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Back then Ayn Rand was known as a Libertarian and people did not think she was a loon. What was considered "looney" by the establishment was the young people like me who wanted the war on drugs to end. We saw the war on drugs as a war on us. Is it differnt now? Maybe that the war on drugs is a racist war, but it remains a war on youth, and a war the LP has been unable to defeat.

People saw the writing on the wall all right.. they saw the sex, drugs and rock and roll as the stupidfication of the youth who were willing and wanting to throw America away to be free, and high.

It's not a matter of re-branding. It's a matter of changing these laws, which Republicans like GJ can give all the lip service he likes, but rather than sticking with a party that has POWER to do that, he's fine profitting off those who think the power of the people can actually change that with one made in office and 50 senators, 500+ congresscritters, and their committees against him.

Right now the GOP is very shook up that we are not so offended we're not running back to never never land (LP). But fortunately, there are plenty like me who had had enough. We're not running.. we're going to FIGHT, and we are fighting. And they are playing their dirty tricks because they are afraid of us. We are not afraid of them. We've had enough of them and we will not just let them have the power to make our lives hell.

I love it. Did you read that letter by Morton Blackwell to Reince Preibus? Blackwell tore Reince to bits.. even the conservatives are getting sick of the shenannigans.